Love and marriage...

Thirteen years ago I said yes in the midst of these Irish ruins.

The grounds of Adare Manor in Ireland, photo via The Epoch Times
Twelve years ago yesterday I said, "I do" at my childhood church where we first met as teenagers.

Today, I am amazed at where the time has gone and where life has taken us.
Life and marriage are not always easy,
but there is no one else I'd rather
share this adventure with.

I am a lucky lady.

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband, friend, and partner, Todd! 
Thanks for asking.

I love you.



Progress and Pandora's Box

Well, our basement renovation is moving along and while there are no finishing touches yet, there's already a world of difference.

Here's a reminder of where we were about a month ago.
  clearing out
 oh, that light fixture

And here we are today. Ready for paint, carpet and finishing touches.

let there be light!
As rough as it still is, I am thrilled at the difference the recessed lighting has made already.

Here's a shot of the behemoth that is mocking me. I've been trying to get rid of this monster for years but she didn't fit through the basement door. It's the one thing I wanted out of the space more than anything, yet here she sits. Big, fat and smug. The English teacher in me appreciates the irony.

And here's a shot of the can of worms we opened by having a contractor in our house. 
 "While you're here, we may as well fix the bathroom ceiling, install a fan...
 replace the low end vanity and light fixture, paint 
and get rid of the blue hallway that's been driving me batty for a year.

It's all been far smoother than I expected and I'm looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.

Any projects on your plate lately?


Seeing red...

I've never really been that into Valentine's Day but, I do love red. Next to blue it's the color I'm most drawn to. Until recently it was the grounding color in my living room for about ten years. In lieu of heart shaped chocolates, I'm enjoying lots of red eye-candy today.

The red master bedroom in Sarah Richardson's cottage

the fabric sample by Premier Prints that I'm stuck on

red red red
this classically elegant red dress

Red red love!

one of my favorite actresses, Maureen O'Hara

red red red

the shade of red I'd love to color my hair someday...

Are you seeing in red today?

Happy Valentine's Day!