Low expectations...

The good thing about having low expectations is that it's sort of hard to really
be disappointed or at least surprised when things go south.

The past two storms, Hurricane Irene and a freak March '11  storm,
left most of our friends and neighbors without power for days 
but somehow gave my little family a free pass.

That said, I believe in Karma. 

We're due.

I'm going into this storm stocked up and fully expecting to be without power for days. 

Photo: Apparently, spaghettios and ham steak will get the Andrews family through the Frankenstorm. Now that I cleaned out the canned goods aisle at Stop & Shop, the sun will shine through Thursday. Oh and most importantly, Todd's in charge of batteries, booze and ice ; )

We are as ready as we'll ever be, 
(clearly spaghettio's and ham steak will give us sustenance) 
with lots of great friends and neighbors
 who will be in it with us. 

Photo: Practice makes perfect. Sandy can't stop Captain America and Firestar! Be safe everyone! http://instagr.am/p/RV-NvLt-pj/
Oh, and a couple of Superheroes who dropped in to fend Sandy off.

If we're lucky, we'll be pleasantly surprised if she's all bark and no bite. 
In the meantime, perspective is a good thing to keep close. 

Things can be replaced. 

Sandy is not Katrina.

Even if she is horrendous, 
we have the resources to recover. 

Mother nature has wielded far worse to those 
in more dire straits.

To all of you in Sandy's path, be safe and hunker down!



Design School Diary: Adventures of a stay-at-home mom back out in the world...

So I can safely say that I've got three design classes under my belt. Here's a recap of what I've learned thus far. Not surprisingly, much of this has little to do with design.

1. I look forward to my drive each week.
Traffic or not, 25 silent minutes in the early morning is a rare treat.

2. The best laid plans usually go awry. At least in my house. 

I was so organized and prepared for my first morning of school.
Up and dressed and wearing make-up by 5:30,
 (my kids don't see this too often) 
lunches packed, breakfast table set 
and that's about where it all unraveled. 
Just as the hair dryer started to hum, 
my son called me upstairs. Bloody nose. 
Next it was crock-pot juice on my new big-girl clothes
Then as I tried to make my escape to beat the traffic, 
my daughter sent our excited greyhound bounding out the front door. 
And down the street. 
After his collar came off. 
He's never, ever done this before. 
Lesson learned? Relax
Even though it was a big day for me, 
it was just an ordinary day for the rest of the world.

3. At 36, I am an unrecognizable version of the student I was 
in my teens and twenties. 
Focused, driven, and organized, 
I actually spread my work out instead of leaving it to the last minute. 
I even retyped my class notes. 
Who am I?
I have no idea what kind of grade I will earn or how I will measure up,
 but so far, I am the best student I have ever been. 
Sorry Mom and Dad. 
I wish I knew this twenty years ago.

4. The challenge of something new, something I've wanted to pursue, something I'm not positive I will succeed at is incredibly motivating.

5. Oh, and I learned that I've been misusing the term couch my whole life.
See for yourself. 
I knew this experience would be an eye-opener.

What kind of student were you? Any life lessons that surprised you recently?
Have a great week!