Hibernation and a Happy Birthday...

I've been hibernating. School is great, but it's a lot. The workload is immense this semester and in all honesty, it's kicking my rear. I'm learning a ton and enjoying it but it's safe to say that there are days that it feels like my house is falling apart and my family is lucky to have a hot meal and clean underwear (and sometimes, they don't). For better or worse, blogging has had to take a big back seat.

Today though, I've emerged, kind of like that groundhog but for good reason: to wish my husband a happy birthday. If anyone deserves it, it's him. In the midst of his own busy job and the stress that comes along with it, he is able to see past the mess and piles of laundry to support me and let me pursue my goal.

He is my perspective when I can't see beyond my own nose,
and solid ground where the sidewalk is dodgy.
He makes me laugh when I don't want to, which is always when I need it most.
He loves me despite the mayhem and possible meltdowns along the way.
He is a true partner on this crazy ride.

Happy Birthday to you, Todd. 
Here's to making 41 the best yet, with all my love,