Strolling down Memory Lane, a repost: Easy-Trick- or- Treat bags

Hey there. Long time. I know.

A couple of you have asked me to share the Halloween Trick-or-Treat bags I made
for my kids which I posted about last fall. So, for today, here's a repost to share with you and links to a couple of parties you'll find at the bottom of the post.

I will be back with something new sooner or later.
In the meantime, have a great weekend!

I am always a sucker for celebrating photos of my kids. Last year I decided to showcase their photos on simple canvas tote bags I found at Michael's.  After sharing my photos of the kids with family and friends yesterday, I got a lot of requests for instructions on how to make the bags. It really is such an easy project and quick to update each year.

  • cotton/canvas tote bag
  • puff paint
  • iron
  • dish towel or pillowcase
  • iron-on transfers (I used Jolee's Easy Image, purchased at Michael's)
  • scissors
  • your favorite Halloween photos of your kids
1. Pre-wash/dry your bag. Be sure to iron all the wrinkles out.
2. Set up a clean pillowcase or dishtowel on top of a hard, heat-resistant surface, not your ironing board.  I used a dishtowel on top of my stove. 
3. Iron the towel or pillowcase to create a wrinkle free surface.
4.Following the directions enclosed with the transfers, print your favorite picture on a transfer page. 

 5. Cut the transfer out in the size/shape you like.

5.Remove the backing.

 6. Place the transfer on the bag, covered by the parchment paper that is included with the transfers.

7. Using firm pressure, hold the iron for about 10-20 seconds all over the picture until the entire image has adhered. Be sure to check that the entire image has transferred, especially the edges. 

8. Let your kids decorate the handles and edges with puff paint or fabric markers and voila, a trick-or-treat bag that has you strolling down Memory-Lane every year. (My kids actually did this step before I ironed the first photo on.)

Please email me or leave a comment if you have any questions!
I'm linking today's re-post to: Drop by and see what others are cooking up!



Today the sky is crystal blue.
The air is crisp but the sun still warm, just like it was eleven years ago.
I remember driving to work that day and noticing how beautiful the weather was.
The morning was humming with sound and activity.

I remember starting the day like every other, unaware of the chaos that was about to unfold.
The rest of the day was anything but normal:
scrambling for a t.v. set to huddle around, 
desperate for any news,
Any signs of hope,
Jammed phone lines,
relief and frustration 
as we tried to check on loved ones.

I remember driving home from work mid-morning in a silence that was eerie.
I remember feeling paralyzed with helplessness by the images I couldn't escape from. 
Perhaps of these, it's the faces of 9-11 that are seared into my memory so indelibly.

the faces of those
 who ran from the ominous cloud that chased them like a monster,
who stood watching in disbelief,
of my friends and family grappling with fear and sadness,
the faces of 
the missing and the lost 
the grieving loved ones 
left behind,
the faces of children and heroes.

While my heart is always heavy on this day, and I can't help but remember, I try really hard to look for hope too. It's not easy, but it's the only way I find any comfort.

I found it here in this little man today, who was posing as a superhero in our yard.
Somehow it seems a fitting way to honor the memory of those lost eleven years ago, and all of us who must carry on.

Take care of yourselves and those whom you hold closest to you.

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Big girl clothes...

When my daughter was really little, like this, 
she loved to sift through my retired work clothes to play dress up.
(the shoes are my husband's, I swear)
She called them her "big girl clothes". 

Well, it's been years since I've worn these big girl clothes. 
It's safe to say that since leaving the classroom behind four and a half years ago, 
my wardrobe  has taken a bit of a hit. 
Tees and jeans have replaced most of my heels and skirts. 
My husband's shoe collection now outnumbers my own.

Last week though, I took myself to Macy's armed with coupons 
and a What Not To Wear inspired list of basics.
 I swore to stick to the list and stick to the list I did. 
Three hours and about that many fitting rooms later,  I had the beginnings of a new wardrobe. It's still the wardrobe of a mom, but one beyond the frazzled years of spit-up stains and endless diaper changes. 

Tomorrow, shortly before my kids head off to school, I'll do the same,
 except this time I'll be the student. 

Design school here I come. 
Let's hope my new big girl clothes survive a stain free trip to Starbucks.
 (no easy feat for me)

Anyone else out there in need of a wardrobe update? 

Have a great Monday.



School days...

Like many of you, my daughter started school this week.  First grade. 

Clearly, she was excited.

Last year? Not so much.

 It is also her first year riding the bus. 
Even more excitement.

Time seems to being going by at warped speed, but it is pretty amazing to watch her read and learn and to see her confidence start to soar as she does.

I hope all of your kiddos had a fantastic start to their new school year. Here's to one filled with great leaps and bounds and lots of good memories!


P.S. You may have spied this star burst pencil wreath I made last year in one of the shots above. Last week I linked it up to Hubby Made Me's Throwback Thursday Link Party. Stop by and check out Britni's blog and the other fantastic creations  fellow bloggers have whipped up.

Have a great weekend!