Pinspiration for a Big Boy Room

My three-year old son's room is in need of a makeover. Essentially it's still the gender-neutral nursery created for my daughter over five years ago. She got a new room just before he was born, and the boy's been in the nursery ever since. 
Clearly, we need some room darkening shades.

This boy is full of a personality all his own.  It's time his room reflected him more than the soon-to-be newborn's nursery it still looks like.
This rug did not survive potty training. 

circa 2006
In its place is this jute, batik-style rug that used to be in our living room.  It doesn't really scream little boy, but it fits in scale and budget. It will have to do until he grows out of the dirt and destruction phase (I fear this may never end) or it falls apart. So, the rug will boss the room around a little.

My close friend Liz, painted this beautiful mural when I was pregnant with my daughter. It was such a labor of love; I'm not sure if I can paint over it yet. We'll see how strongly the boy feels about it.
I'd like to try out some magnet paint for this closet so he can constantly change out his artwork. I'll be painting this hand-me-down table and chair set green.

This ill-fitting roman shade has seen a better day.

There are two things he adores these days: dogs and anything green so incorporating them into the room is a must.

Here's what I've been pinning as inspiration:
This picture is sort of my jumping off point for color. I love the idea of the brown stripes, but realistically,  I'll be bringing brown into the room in other ways. I'd like to keep things fresh and easy to change as his tastes do.

a perfect boy's room from lovely things
White walls and paneling is where I'm heading. It's fresh, plays well with all the patterns a little kids' room inevitably comes with, and eliminates the picking-the-right-paint- color-obsession I tend to be afflicted with.

Calico Corners

fabric from Tonic Living

Trim fabric for E's curtain panels??
maybe a blanket
both fabrics above from Fabric.com
Great fabrics that might make their way into the room.

I'm loving these drawer pulls. Not sure which I'm going to go with, but they're all from Etsy.

Just Waiting For You To Come Home So I Can Lick Your Whole Face - Petite Canvas Print

Brown Dog and Squirrel Sketch - Art Print
PUPPY sketch, 5"x7", very cute
Some adorable artwork, all from Etsy...

So, with my ideas brewing it's just a matter of finding the time to actually get it done and not have it linger for months on end. I'm thinking I should set a deadline for myself. Maybe Thanksgiving or Christmas? It's not like that's a busy time of year or anything. I have a feeling my husband will be placing bets ; )

Care to join him?
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Ten years...

Ten years and so much has changed.
I have a home.
I have children to fill it with laughter.

Widows have remarried.
Posthumous children have grown up with a legacy no child or parent should have to bear.

Time has marched onward and we have begun to rebuild in different ways, redirected, redefined for many.

Ten years later, and so much remains the same.

While we will never forget the saddest day we have experienced as a nation, perhaps the next ten years will bring some peace to those who need it most.

God Bless this beautiful country and all of us, who struggle to make sense of this day, those of us whose feelings are as raw now as they were on that crystal blue day ten years ago, and the brave souls and loved ones of 9-11.


Pinning Party...

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Here's what I've been pinning this week.

Love this sweater for the fall. 

Great jacket...
Source:jonesdesigncompany.com via Erin@Out on a Limb on Pinterest

I love a brightly painted front door. 
Source: bing.com (image search) via Erin @ Out on a Limb

I reallylike the boxy shape of this lantern like light fixture, and it's opaque center.

Source: homedepot.ca via Erin @Out on a Limb

Can't wait to make this with my son. He could paint at the kitchen table for hours. 
Source: www.alittletipsy.com via Erin @ Out on a Limb

What have you been pinning?


Time marches on...

 And just like that she's off to Kindergarten, 

with just the tiniest little piece of my heart.

Here's to a year of excitement, learning and friendship to all of your precious kiddos.


Sunburst Pencil Wreath

In the spirit of Back-to-School, I've had this idea of making a wreath with pencils rolling around in my head for a while. In the spirit of procrastination, I finally got around to it today. It's 5:30 p.m. My oldest starts Kindergarten tomorrow and I'm still in my pajamas. I really had no image in mind or inspiration other than pencils, so winging it is probably an understatement. 

Here's what I came up with:

  • I wrapped a length of grosgrain ribbon leftover from Christmas around a small upholstery hoop I already had and then placed my pencils on the hoop, eraser ends touching, until I was pleased with the shape it was taking. 
  • Then I hot glued them in place, weaved more ribbon over and under every other pencil, trimmed and hot glued the ribbons' ends and attached a small loop of floral wire through the screw of the upholstery hoop. 
  • The whole thing took about an hour and only cost me about $4 in pencils. 
  • I might add another circle of chipboard for support behind the wreath, perhaps spray-painted with chalkboard paint. Usually that means it will never happen. Stay tuned.
Okay. With that off my plate, I'm ready for school to begin tomorrow ; )

Are you?



Pinterest Addiction...

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I have a guilty pleasure these days -- Pinterest.  If you're not familiar with Pinterest, basically it's an online resource for gathering all the images, recipes, tips and clever ideas that inspire or intrigue you. The categories to pin are endless.

Today I am linking up to Kathleen's Pique Your Interest Link Party, over at Simple Silly Life. Kathleen has amazing style, taste and creativity. I am thrilled that she's hosting this party so I can indulge in and share the eye candy that inspires me. 

Here's what I've been pinning lately:

a project that's been in the works in my head and in my garage for a few years now

Door Mirror
via Erin@ Out on A Limb on Pinterest
door into mirror...adore
source: vintagerosebrocante.tumblr.com via Erin@ Out on a Limb on Pinterest

right up my alley for the cooler weather 
love it
Source: sundayinbed.tumblr.com via Erin@ Out on A Limb on Pinterest
// Rosemary and Sea Salt Soft Pretzels w/Cheddar, Stout and Coarse Grain Mustard Dip
Source: foodporndaily.com via Erin @ Out on A Limb on Pinterest

Source: www.polyvore.com via Erin Out on A Limb on Pinterest

Have you discovered Pinterest yet?

Have a great long weekend!