Design School Diary: Lost in Scandinavia

No. I didn't have the good fortune of visiting any part of Scandinavia over the holidays. I spent the weeks of Christmas and New Year's trying to avoid my family's stomach virus. Thankfully I did and while they were sleeping, I was lost in my most recent project for school, a fictional restaurant inspired by Scandinavian Modern design.

I chose this style and period because I thought it seemed completely off my radar. Through my research, I came to appreciate so much about it. Its unfussy nature  and simple, clean lines really show off the wood and I imagine, anything else you'd really want to highlight in a space. I thought I would recreate my actual presentation board on Polyvore to show you what I came up with.

My clients:

  • Wealthy restaurateurs and brothers who bought a former barn-turned-restaurant on Block Island.
  • Their goal was to maximize the dramatic views of their perch overlooking the Atlantic.
  • The aesthetic had to be clean and natural, chic and current. Nothing could detract from the view. 
  • The menu highlights local vendors from beer and wine to oysters. 
  • Oh and since this is pretend, they had a ridiculously large budget. Vintage Danish modern furniture is found throughout the space.

Scandinavian Modern inspired restaurant

History board: Bar area

All in all, a fun project that forced me outside my comfort zone. I could even see some of these pieces in my home, particularly the gorgeous credenza I chose for the bar.

Do you ever find yourself drawn to a style you thought wasn't you?

A big thank you to my husband for not complaining once about the major slack he had to pick up so I could finish this project!

Have a great weekend!