Lucky number thirteen...

On our first anniversary, 
we celebrated our brother and sister-in-law's beautiful wedding in Disney World,
our second in Cape Cod  and our third in Edinburgh, Scotland.
We've been fortunate enough to slip away here and there for many of the anniversaries that followed.

Today though, on our auspicious thirteenth, Todd headed off to work, I bought new tires and had an impromptu brunch date with the little man on our cold walk home from the mechanic.

It's not how either one of us really pictured spending the day. As much as we had a common vision for our life when we started out together, we never really could have imagined the day-to-day of right now.

Honestly, some days are uneventful, messy, expensive and frustrating. Many are fun, exciting and really productive.

All of them though are filled with love, family, friendship and usually laughter.

So tonight, we'll toast to tires that are safe, a steady paycheck, happy, healthy kids and a lifetime of more days like today.

We are blessed and I am lucky.

Thanks for asking, TA, with all my love.