My husband turns 40 today.
A big deal.
I wanted to write this post a week ago.
I wanted it to be well-planned and thoughtful and poignant.
Somehow, once again, life got in the way of my plans.
Actually my refrigerator did, but that's a story for another post.

Sometimes the simplest and most subtle messages convey what I want to say even better though.

Happy 40th Birthday 
to my friend and partner:
 the one who makes me laugh like nobody else can,
 the man who makes me think more critically about things that matter, 
or should matter, 
my safety net and touchstone on this adventure,
and one of the strongest, most loyal people I know.
Happy Birthday to an amazing father whose strength and love
guide our two kiddos in innumerable ways. 
The sun rises and sets with him each day.
Happy Birthday to a man who is talented and passionate,

 and knows how to live life to fullest with everything that he's got.

Happy 40th Birthday to the man I look forward to celebrating the next 40 and beyond with.
Happy Birthday Todd, 
with all my love,



  1. What a great Birthday post - Happy day to your hubby!

  2. awwww, happy birthday to your man! I have to say, the one time I remember meeting him, I was so impressed by how real, down to earth and just plain nice he was. Enjoy celebrating!

  3. Happy 40th to your husband! I hope you have a great celebration. My 40th is tomorrow... not looking forward to it :(

  4. Erin, I've given you the Liebster Award. :) You can check it out here http://thelittleblackdoor.blogspot.com/2012/04/awards-and-cords.html

  5. What an awesome post to an awesome hubby! Happy Birthday! :)