Big girl clothes...

When my daughter was really little, like this, 
she loved to sift through my retired work clothes to play dress up.
(the shoes are my husband's, I swear)
She called them her "big girl clothes". 

Well, it's been years since I've worn these big girl clothes. 
It's safe to say that since leaving the classroom behind four and a half years ago, 
my wardrobe  has taken a bit of a hit. 
Tees and jeans have replaced most of my heels and skirts. 
My husband's shoe collection now outnumbers my own.

Last week though, I took myself to Macy's armed with coupons 
and a What Not To Wear inspired list of basics.
 I swore to stick to the list and stick to the list I did. 
Three hours and about that many fitting rooms later,  I had the beginnings of a new wardrobe. It's still the wardrobe of a mom, but one beyond the frazzled years of spit-up stains and endless diaper changes. 

Tomorrow, shortly before my kids head off to school, I'll do the same,
 except this time I'll be the student. 

Design school here I come. 
Let's hope my new big girl clothes survive a stain free trip to Starbucks.
 (no easy feat for me)

Anyone else out there in need of a wardrobe update? 

Have a great Monday.



  1. oooh, so exciting! enjoy your new adventure.

  2. You will be amazing! You truly are one of the greatest out there. Good luck!

  3. How exciting! There's something about the month of September (new school year or not) that makes me want to refresh everything. I buy some new stationary, set goals and feel a sense of excitement at the possibilities ahead. I hope we get to read all about your new adventure!