Design ADD

When it comes to decorating my home, my brain does not shut off. I have idea files under my bed, online, on my computer, and forever, in my head. When it comes to executing them let's just say they are a constant work in progress. It takes years for some to ever get beyond the file, let alone make it onto a list.

Here are some befores that have been long awaiting their afters in my home.

Before: Old garden planters in need of a face lift.  Current status?  Three down, two kind of flopped.

Before: Office/dressing room. Current status?  organized, different drapes and furniture edited, but far from complete, sigh.
Before: Downstairs hallway as it looked this time last year.  We lived with swatches on our walls like
that for about four months.

Before:  Although it's kind of an after, I only wish the blue looked like this in person. In reality,it's much darker and more denim looking (not the good kind). After living with it for a year, I'd like something lighter (read: actually looks this color)
To give you a better understanding of my design ADD, take a look at this list I drew up yesterday. There's just a few projects I wanted to tackle this weekend while my husband is out and about taking care of some family obligations.
  • repaint up and downstairs hallways (must buy paint)
  • make pillow covers (with fabric that I've had for three months)
  • cut trim for curtains (which still need some sort of a dowel or rod to hang from, made curtains back in February!)
  • complete message center for refrigerator
  • strip old door (that's been ready for a makeover for 5 1/2 years)
  • finish planting annuals (if they're not dead yet, as they bake in their little black pots)
  • finish Neve's graduation book (for 6/13)
  • rehang art and shelves (buy screws, find studs) in office
  • gather art and photos/frames for small gallery walls in both hallways
  • spray paint old frames white (buy spray paint)

Ummm, yeah. So the likelihood of most of this happening in one long weekend is not looking so good. I have so much trouble finishing one room or project completely before I begin the next and it drives me crazy. I know a home is an evolution, but some days the achiever in me hates having so little to check off of my to do list. I suppose I should focus on the fact that my children are mostly happy, fed, clothed, usually bathed and overall, the daily routine of our family life is in tact and running smoothly.

So, perhaps I should stop blogging and start tackling that list. Chances are I will get one or two smaller items checked off and shelve the rest so I can rent Country Strong tonight. Please tell me I'm not alone out there. Does anyone else suffer from design ADD?


  1. I admire your ability to come up with the list ! I think you're already on your way. I have never been an organized person ~I clean, putter and decorate in a completely random manner - start out here, get distracted to over there, and end up somewhere else. It would look like madness to any one else, but it seems to work out. Like most things - it always looks like a big ole mess before it looks better, right? It just takes some patience- and w/ 2 little ones to care for- you're doing just fine !

  2. 1. I found you through the Nesting Place.
    2. Is it weird that I'm nervous commenting, since I see you are an English Teacher?
    3. I can SO relate to what you're talking about here! That's in part why I started blogging. Hoping to give myself a little extra motivation, I guess?!

  3. I am totally with you, Rebecca! Please don't feel nervous commenting. The English teacher part of my brain has atrophied a bit since I've been home with the kiddos!

    Thanks so much for reading. As a fledgling blogger it means a lot. I look forward to reading your blog!

    Have a great Fourth!