It's the little things...

These days, a sense of accomplishment and productivity are much sought after, but rarely seen things in my world.  Of course watching my kids grow and become their own little people is rewarding. Even though most days I wonder where time has gone, there's not exactly a finished product at the end of the day. Often, making sure that everyone is in tact and not in tears or time-out at the end of the day, is an accomplishment, hence, the blog and my puttering.  When I'm craving a little instant, or almost-instant gratification, I roam around the house and yard, looking for a little project to settle my restlessness. 

Below you'll find the before and afters of my garden pot transformation, the latest victim of my procrastination attempt at productivity.  It was on the to-do list that I shared with you last week, and one of the few items I ended up checking off. It's nothing earth-shattering or even terribly original, but a simple, inexpensive project that enhanced my yard and mood.

Before: Old garden pots looking tired and needing a face lift. Hopefully no one says the same about me any time soon.

After: Clean, colorful, and transformed, with spray paint.

It's safe to say that I have a thing for blue; I'm always drawn to it first. Luckily it was one of the few appealing colors my local hardware store had in stock. I used Krylon's Fusion Spray Paint, which is formulated for spraying plastic. It couldn't have been easier, or faster as it dries very quickly.

Luckily the blue, and white work well with my existing pots. All in all, much better than the before and I only spent about $12.
It's definitely the little things that make me feel accomplished these days. It's all relative I suppose.  How about you? What simple accomplishments make you feel content? 
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  1. Welcome to blogging!

    I LOVE that blue, so so pretty!!!

  2. I agree with Melissa - LOVE the blue! I especially like the striped one. :)

  3. Thanks! The striped one was a repair job: originally it was white and only made a cheap looking pot look even cheaper, lol, so the stripes did the trick. I'm drawn to most things blue, or striped, so it all works for me : )

  4. Aren't small updates the best? They can go a long way - like what you did with your planters. They look amazing in that newly transformed blue color! Nice work!

  5. By the way - I LOVE the striped one - I'm going to try that!

  6. Thanks, Holly and yes,little things go a long way, for me at least. Can't wait to see your striped pot!

  7. Great post, I love doing things up too! Now google friend following, please pop by, Karima x

  8. Thanks for following, Karima. Will stop over at your blog next.

    Have a great day.

  9. What a transformation! I love the new look! Thanks so much for linking this up to my {re}create into something new blog party! It looks so great! I hope to see you next week for some more {re}creations!

    Kaitlin--The Not So Simple Housewife

  10. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Kaitlin!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. These look great, Erin!! Love the blue!! This makes me want flower pots in my yard again! I can't have pots in my back yard because my giant dog thinks it's fun to knock them over and dig the flowers out :( Thanks so much for sharing this at my Throwback Thursday party!! I hope you'll come share more of your ideas this week!