Favorites Friday: Summer beauty

Summer is definitely my favorite season for the laid-back lifestyle it provides, but it's not so kind to my looks. Those of you who know me have probably seen my summer hair.  It's au natural for sure, usually air-dried with some gel  ('crazy-hair', to my daughter). Heat, humidity, chlorine and salt water seem to put up a winning battle that I've given up fighting. Luckily my hairdresser Nicole De-Marco Murray shares some summer beauty tips with us for today's Favorites Friday.  Not only is she a talented hairstylist, she's an incredibly kind and funny person. I'm very lucky to have stumbled upon her chair a few years back when I was big and pregnant.

Summer Hair and Skin Care tips:
1. Beauty from the Inside Out: Anti-Aging
It's something most women do on a daily basis: fight the aging process. Time spent in the sun doesn't always help. Eating healthy foods, exercising and using an array of products (especially sunscreen) are some ways you can wage your personal war on aging. As a professional Hairstylist, I urge my clients to take care of themselves not only on the  outside, but on the inside as well.  I have teamed up with Dr. Roxanne Carfora and Juice Plus to provide my clients with the best medical advice on beauty, anti-aging and taking vitamins as part of a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips to help you in your battle:
  • Oral Nutrition is extremely important for fighting the aging process.  Research has shown that we require at least 8-9 servings of fruit and vegetables per day.  Most people do not get this and need supplements which can help to prevent, slow or reverse graying/loss of hair.
  • Juice Plus is an organic, gluten free, Kosher capsule containing 10-12 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.
  • Helpful supplements include: Vitamin B12, Omega 3, Biotin and Folic acid and minerals such as calcium, copper and zinc.

  • The trends have definitely been more natural lately, so don't be afraid of letting those waves loose.
  • For those of you who have bangs and want to pull them up  try this look:

  • Braids are a very easy and popular look that are perfect for summer.


  • Sleek low loops were shown at the DKNY show. In real life, these make a polished alternative to sloppy ponytails but keep you just as cool.

  •  And of course - Feathers!!! Celebrities like Hilary Duff, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and even Steven Tyler are wearing them.  Feather hair extensions offer an easy way to energize your everyday look, without the commitment involved.
To learn more about Anti-Aging and Disease prevention, contact www.nicole-demarco.com.

Do you have any secrets for taming the frizz?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Rockin' the good ol' pony (if my hair fits into one since it's so short now) -ha! The past two days here haven't been humid at all and it's been lovely!

  2. I'm with you, Holly. I actually blew my hair out fairly straight yesterday and my daughter told me I looked like someone else, lol.

  3. Hey Erin! So great to meet you! I love these hair rips especially the feathers! Let me know how yr roman shade goes and if you run into any problems if you make it!!!
    Xoxo, maria

  4. Thanks Maria. We're heading off on vacation, but I think I'll tackle it when we return for sure. I found an old bamboo shade in the basement that might work perfectly. I will keep you posted.

    Thanks again and have a great weekend!

  5. Thanks Erin and Nicole for the advice! And Erin, you know that I suffer from the same summer ailment as you, so this was helpful. I love your daughter's comment. She is hysterical! Just the other day I went out for lunch with friends, and before I left the house (hair blown out for the first time this month), my husband stopped me to tell me how beautiful I looked. Lovely of him, but I thought, "Wow... I must really be a mess most of the time." To help with frizz, I always use a sleeking leave in conditioner on my wet hair. It leaves my air-dried hair soft, frizz-free (for the most part), and a bit bouncy.

    Enjoy your vacation! Can't wait to see pictures. ~ Michele
    (I'm signing as anonymous bc I have no idea how to leave my name!)

  6. Oh, Michele. You made me laugh. I totally relate, realizing that I must look like a train wreck most days! That's life these days, though, and I wouldn't trade it.

    Thanks for the comment!