This morning, these pretty white porcelain and milk glass pieces were strewn about my kitchen table after unloading the dishwasher. My daughter asked me, 
        "Mommy, why do you have so many white things?"
        "Because I like them, and they're great for flowers."
         "And candy" she replied.
(Practical as always. I've clearly left my mark on this child.)  

Remember when I said I wasn't much of a collector? Looking at these items grouped on my table like this, I couldn't help but notice what looked an awful lot like a collection or at the very least, the beginnings of one.  It made me wonder if I had other things that might change my status as I know it.

First I noticed these (pared down recently, believe it or not, and in dire need of some rearranging):

 Yep. Here's my brother and me, Christmas 1976 in a frame far too small.

 And some plates...

and tiles

bought on a trip to Key West a million years ago

 and at our friends' wedding in Antigua Guatemala

Oh, and some clear glass.

 In my defense, they usually don't live together like this, but scattered throughout the house and some stored in the basement, just in case.

This guy is one of a very few 'things' that I bought for sentimental reasons: my grandfather was a milkman for Sealtest in New York, way back when. I bought this little guy on Etsy because I miss him every day.

So, it seems that  I'm a bit of a liar.  I didn't realize it.  These items became collections without me even noticing.  I usually only buy things like this when I'm struck by them. It's not really a conscious decision to add them to what's existing.  It's only when I get them home or they end up inadvertently gathered together that it dawns on me that I'm a closet collector.  I guess the key for me is keeping my collections in check. They are pretty restrained collections and not overly busy. I get a little antsy when they are, so I don't foresee me acquiring tons. But maybe that's what every collector says.

Speaking of collecting, check out this link to a fabulous blog called 'bits n' pieces. Patty is one of my favorite collectors (and a talented writer and dressmaker to boot). Her home is filled with a variety of her favorite collections all displayed lovingly, artfully and seamlessly.  She has an amazing ability to make things look fabulous and wrote about her own collections recently.

Any other collectors or liars out there? 

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  1. I love your collection of white treasures. Clean, fresh, and lovely.

    That milk bottle is touching. Like really really cool and sentimental. I love that!

  2. Aww, thanks! I'm hoping to find a couple more Sealtest bottles in various sizes. See, collector. Guess I can't deny it now ;)

  3. I love that you have that milk bottle :) I'm part hoarder, part collector. I have a stash of jars and tell myself they're functional. I love them and do use them all the time, but seem to have more than I use. We have sea shells out the wazzoo and I integrate the collection into our home everywhere, but there are still more. Thank you for dropping by to leave such a nice comment for me. I'm please to meet you ~and~ your blog! take care, Diane

  4. I think your little collections are great. I love the idea of tile hung on the wall - really cool. Now I'm going to have to go home to see what I collect - I don't know off the top of my head. Pillows? Ha!

  5. I'm certainly glad I'm not alone! Diane, thanks for dropping by and sharing your collections with me. I really appreciate your visit.

    Holly, thank you! Pillows are another weakness of mine. I think I opened a can of worms ; )

    Enjoy your night!

  6. My mom loved white milk glass - so seeing yours felt, of course - like a visit. and how beautiful did all of your clear pieces look together ! Proof that collections do not have to be anything "precious", just meaningful. I have an antique wooden last (what shoemakers used to mold shoes with) because my grandfather was a bootmaker - so I, of course, LOVE your little milk bottle - an hierloom now. Collections seem to evolve from love, right? Bravo !

  7. Thank you! So true. I really only gather what makes me smile...