Ten years...

Ten years and so much has changed.
I have a home.
I have children to fill it with laughter.

Widows have remarried.
Posthumous children have grown up with a legacy no child or parent should have to bear.

Time has marched onward and we have begun to rebuild in different ways, redirected, redefined for many.

Ten years later, and so much remains the same.

While we will never forget the saddest day we have experienced as a nation, perhaps the next ten years will bring some peace to those who need it most.

God Bless this beautiful country and all of us, who struggle to make sense of this day, those of us whose feelings are as raw now as they were on that crystal blue day ten years ago, and the brave souls and loved ones of 9-11.


  1. Beautiful, Erin. It is the children who never got to know their father that I have been thinking about today. I read about a woman today who went into labor with her fourth child 15 days after the attacks. What a strong woman!! How unfair that she was robbed of the joy that should come with such a special day- having to experience it with a grieving heart. So incredibly sad.

  2. Thank you, Jo Ann, and you are so right. As a mother, I think of that whole experience these incredible women and children have endured. It redefines the meaning of bittersweet. People Magazine did a piece on them last week, one whom is a Seaford alum. I really can't imagine it...

  3. Beautifully said my love.....

  4. Erin,

    This is so beautiful...like so many, I have watched and read about all those that lost fathers, mothers, brothers...so terribly sad and yes, difficult to imagine as a mother.

    xo annie