Pinspiration for a Big Boy Room

My three-year old son's room is in need of a makeover. Essentially it's still the gender-neutral nursery created for my daughter over five years ago. She got a new room just before he was born, and the boy's been in the nursery ever since. 
Clearly, we need some room darkening shades.

This boy is full of a personality all his own.  It's time his room reflected him more than the soon-to-be newborn's nursery it still looks like.
This rug did not survive potty training. 

circa 2006
In its place is this jute, batik-style rug that used to be in our living room.  It doesn't really scream little boy, but it fits in scale and budget. It will have to do until he grows out of the dirt and destruction phase (I fear this may never end) or it falls apart. So, the rug will boss the room around a little.

My close friend Liz, painted this beautiful mural when I was pregnant with my daughter. It was such a labor of love; I'm not sure if I can paint over it yet. We'll see how strongly the boy feels about it.
I'd like to try out some magnet paint for this closet so he can constantly change out his artwork. I'll be painting this hand-me-down table and chair set green.

This ill-fitting roman shade has seen a better day.

There are two things he adores these days: dogs and anything green so incorporating them into the room is a must.

Here's what I've been pinning as inspiration:
This picture is sort of my jumping off point for color. I love the idea of the brown stripes, but realistically,  I'll be bringing brown into the room in other ways. I'd like to keep things fresh and easy to change as his tastes do.

a perfect boy's room from lovely things
White walls and paneling is where I'm heading. It's fresh, plays well with all the patterns a little kids' room inevitably comes with, and eliminates the picking-the-right-paint- color-obsession I tend to be afflicted with.

Calico Corners

fabric from Tonic Living

Trim fabric for E's curtain panels??
maybe a blanket
both fabrics above from Fabric.com
Great fabrics that might make their way into the room.

I'm loving these drawer pulls. Not sure which I'm going to go with, but they're all from Etsy.

Just Waiting For You To Come Home So I Can Lick Your Whole Face - Petite Canvas Print

Brown Dog and Squirrel Sketch - Art Print
PUPPY sketch, 5"x7", very cute
Some adorable artwork, all from Etsy...

So, with my ideas brewing it's just a matter of finding the time to actually get it done and not have it linger for months on end. I'm thinking I should set a deadline for myself. Maybe Thanksgiving or Christmas? It's not like that's a busy time of year or anything. I have a feeling my husband will be placing bets ; )

Care to join him?
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  1. Your kids are just too cute!!!

    Please tell me you're keeping the wainscoting - it's great. I love the nautical themed room. It's classic and can grow with him as he becomes an adorable prepster.

  2. I definitely am keeping the wainscoting. It pre-dates us and I've always loved it. It will get a clean coat of white.

    You saw Eamon's personality for sure last summer when he dragged your husband out onto the dance floor at St. Willy's, lol!

    Thank you!

  3. HI Erin,

    I love those big bold stripes...very sweet of you to include a pic of Patrick's room. I was so surprised. Also, I have those map drawer knobs pinned too...aren't they great? Perfect for your little adventurers.

    xo annie

  4. Annie,

    I'm so glad you stopped by and saw the pic of Patrick's room. I meant to email you first, but got distracted and totally forgot. Glad you were happily surprised!

    I showed Eamon his knob choices this afternoon and he picked the map ones too. They are so cute and clever.

    Thanks for visiting. Have a great night,

  5. I love makeovers!! I love them even more when I'm not stressed with making the decisions!!! I will be watching with anticipation! Definitely set Thanksgiving as your goal. Do it now and you will still have time to be nuts during the holidays with other stuff!

  6. great ideas Erin! It's so much fun decorating a room right! I had lots of fun doing up my little girls room. My hubby painted vertical pink and white stripes on one wall ( behind her crib) as a vocal point in the room. The rest of the walls were pink. I love it! So I really love that pic of the brown and white stripes and the green dresser. Very unique. The white wainscoting would look great with it! Lots of lock with your new project! Looking forward to seeing the finished product! :0)