Merry Making...

So I've been off the radar for the past month, busy making merry with friends and family, trying to avoid to-do lists and cramming in as much Christmastime little-kid fun as possible. Sharing and creating traditions with my kids, unplugging a bit and nesting a lot, December really is the month I look forward to most each year.

This year, while lots of sadness and struggle swirled around the not-so-distant outside world, my kids offered me a brilliant, glaring reminder of the goodness that this season embodies. Their genuine joy, enthusiasm and utter faith in something that so many doubt reminded me of all the goodness there still is to believe in and celebrate. 

Christmas Eve, 1998, Adare, Ireland. The night we got engaged. 
(And drank a lot of champagne, if you hadn't noticed)

Flash forward thirteen years, a house, and two kids later...
working hard on letters to Santa Claus
I think this Santa might be the real deal. 

 watching a video message from Santa

celebrating with cousins
 and a "Domenick the Donkey" dance party

 and Grandpa

 feasting with family
preparing reindeer treats

 a visit from St. Nick on a finally silent night

 and P.J., our elf, hiding in my Charlie Brown tree, a concession for losing the artificial tree battle

Christmas morning love

Whatever you believe, whatever you celebrate, I hope you found time this month for a little merry-making with the ones you love and the things that make you happiest.

Wishing you a new year  filled with peace, joy and love.



  1. it looks like you had a wonderful holiday! happy new year!!

  2. Merry Christmas and happy New Year Erin! Looks like tons of fun and lots of happiness. Love your new profile pic!

  3. oh my gosh, what great photos! I didn't know you got engaged in Ireland - um waaay too cool!

    Love all the great shots you shared of Christmas wonderfulness. Have a happy 2012.

  4. looks like a great holiday thanks for sharing it with us.

    casey mazzio

  5. Has is really been 13 years since we lived in Ireland?!?! Wow!!

    I am so glad that you had a great holiday. Have a Happy New Years too, and may next year be as blessed at this year!

  6. What a great holiday you had! It's a lot of fun to have little ones this time of year! You look amazing, by the way. My old buddy doesn't look too shabby either, and you can tell him I said so! Have a wonderful New Year!

  7. Looks like you have enjoyed all of your time with your family. Hope you had a great one Erin!

  8. Happy New Year! Glad you had a nice holiday. We celebrate with the Christmas crackers too at our Christmas dinner. So much fun for everyone - even my 91 year old grandmother gets in on it!! Thanks for your support this year of my blog - I really appreciate it! :)