Today the sky is crystal blue.
The air is crisp but the sun still warm, just like it was eleven years ago.
I remember driving to work that day and noticing how beautiful the weather was.
The morning was humming with sound and activity.

I remember starting the day like every other, unaware of the chaos that was about to unfold.
The rest of the day was anything but normal:
scrambling for a t.v. set to huddle around, 
desperate for any news,
Any signs of hope,
Jammed phone lines,
relief and frustration 
as we tried to check on loved ones.

I remember driving home from work mid-morning in a silence that was eerie.
I remember feeling paralyzed with helplessness by the images I couldn't escape from. 
Perhaps of these, it's the faces of 9-11 that are seared into my memory so indelibly.

the faces of those
 who ran from the ominous cloud that chased them like a monster,
who stood watching in disbelief,
of my friends and family grappling with fear and sadness,
the faces of 
the missing and the lost 
the grieving loved ones 
left behind,
the faces of children and heroes.

While my heart is always heavy on this day, and I can't help but remember, I try really hard to look for hope too. It's not easy, but it's the only way I find any comfort.

I found it here in this little man today, who was posing as a superhero in our yard.
Somehow it seems a fitting way to honor the memory of those lost eleven years ago, and all of us who must carry on.

Take care of yourselves and those whom you hold closest to you.

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  1. nice post. i always love hearing the stories of where people were that day. how for a day, it seemed, the world stopped and we all shared an experience we'll never forget.

  2. Erin that was very well said. I'm a New Yorker too and this day really does hang heavy on my heart. I did not lose anyone that day personally, but everyone lost something that day. I was not in NY that day, I was in Florida, but the very long ride home in a car was very emotional as we drove up I95 to NY a few days after 9/11. Crossing that bridge into NY was very emotional and very scary. Even after 11 years I still have the same feeling when I think about that day 11 years ago...scared!!! Thanks for sharing. Have a beautiful day. xo

  3. I don't think any of us will ever forget that day. I can't believe it was 11 years ago. That is crazy. I was so young and naive, but not naive enough to know what was going on to our country. I heard the Star Spangled Banner this morning on the radio and just sat in my car until it was over. It made me proud and gave me hope.