DIY drama


Designer Amy Meier's beautiful Ikat drapes as seen in January's Better Homes and Gardens.
 I made these curtains back in February after being inspired by Amy Meier's beautiful spread in Better Homes and GardensShe was kind enough to help me track down the fabric and my mom taught me how to make the most basic curtain panel. Really not too hard. I wouldn't look closely for straight seams or anything, but they'll do. After I get them up that is. And add some extra fabric because even after measuring eight-thousand-times, they were still too short. And a strip of fabric to cover the seam where I'm adding the fabric. Do you see where this is heading?

Flash forward to last weekend. We (read: my husband) rehung the old brackets, a little higher and wider than before because I wanted to try something different. We then remembered that old plaster walls are not fun, especially when there's no stud where you really need one. The plaster had been pulling away from the wall and crumbling beneath the middle bracket with our old curtains, so we were not terribly optimistic about this endeavor, which is honestly why we put it off in the first place. After about a half-an-hour of brainstorming, a little cursing, and being the tool-monkey for my husband, they were up, in place, and without visible signs of crumbling (yet). Obviously you get where this is going since I showed you a picture of said curtains still on hangers. Why did it never occur to us (me) that the extending curtain rod might not extend anymore since we changed the position of the brackets? Because this is what I do.

Why, why do I do this to myself? I'm sure my husband asks himself the same question. Actually I know he does. Often. Why can't I leave well enough alone and leave the ideas I see in magazines and Blogland where they rightfully belong?? Why don't I realize that maybe some things are probably beyond my capabilities?

Because I can't. I'm a tad crazy when it comes to this stuff. There's really no defense other than that. I can't blame it on my kids, my husband, or even the plaster walls. Trying new things and perpetually tweaking my space might perturb the ba-jaysus out of a very patient husband, but I am what I am.  He must really love me. Stay tuned for the finished product. I know you're on the edge of your seat ; )

Any DIY dramas or successes you'd care to share??
Happy Friday!

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