Cave Dwelling

Our basement is not a room we've ever spent time in, except to
use the treadmill, find the Christmas decorations or occasionally
house our guests.  It wasn't an awful space but definitely in need
of some polish. Due to a burst pipe, it's getting some much sooner
than we'd ever planned.

Here are some shots of how it looked just after Christmas:
 Notice our fancy light fixture? Yup. 
It's a pillowcase covering fluorescent bulbs. Classy.

 the gaping hole my husband made trying to find
the source of the leak

trying to purge and empty the space so we
 can begin the demo

cave dwelling

And here is what I've been thinking about for the new space,
which will hopefully function as one part office, playroom, den
and convertible guest space.

cave dwelling by eecandrews on polyvore.com

As much as a pain as it's been dealing with the insurance company, I'm looking forward to having a clean slate to work with and the added living space we will have when it's finished.

What projects are you tackling these days?



  1. I love the media cabinet and the pillows/fabrics you've chosen so far. We've got too many small projects - lots to do!

    1. I swear if this pipe didn't burst, my kids would be in middle school before we touched the basement! My project list is never ending and often interrupted!

  2. I look forward to seeing your progress-- love your ideas for the space! Our basement is unfinished and for storage only. ;)

  3. Hey, Erin! Oh no, I'm so sorry about the pipe, that sucks!!! Its great that you are having such a good attitude about it though and using this as your push to get started! Love where you are headed with the space, especially all those patterns. It's going to be beautiful!

  4. At least there's a bright side to the burst pipe - a fun makeover! Really like the furniture pieces you've selected.

  5. I am only tackling organizing small things, like a spice drawer. So fun to be able to re do a basement, stinks about the pipe though, what a mess. I heart that flower type pattern.

  6. oh wow! I love your polyvore. I wish I knew how to do that. I think it would really help pull my ideas together so I might actually complete a project. Have fun with the project!