Ten on Ten (on eleven)

Yesterday I stumbled upon Ten on Ten, a link party hosted by a new-to-me-blog, A Bit of Sunshine. As mundane as my day-to-day might seem to many, I thought it would be an interesting exercise for me to really pay attention to how I spend what often seems like a day that flies by with little product at the end.

Here goes

The ungodly hour at which I choose to start my day. Yes I said choose. I learned early on that if I don't have time to myself, where I don't have to speak to or tend to anyone but me, I am not a very nice wife or mom. I'm foggy, cranky and impatient and my mood has the power to ruin a perfectly good start to everyone's day.  Some days I still struggle with this, but giving myself that hour to blog or watch I Love Lucy in the dark, helps start the day on a better note.

 6:45. Time to make the donuts...

7: 45 I swear I cannot get these two clowns to be natural. They are like trained seals, 
always posing for the camera.

Breakfast of champions @ 8:45, reheated 3x after at least as many wardrobe/cartoon related meltdowns (not mine) and a drop off at Kindergarten. (Please excuse some of these lousy phone pictures)

9:45 My yoga buddy

10:45  I'm not trying to be artsy and no I'm not naked. Just bad at cropping. It's a monumental picture for me: make-up for the first time since Saturday night. A big deal these days.

11:45 Out running errands with the boy. This shot was his idea. Forgot my ring (and man do I need moisturizer!). You can still see its impression though.

12:45 Me and my shadow...

1:45 Pretty sky on an unusually warm January day...

2:45 A much happier Kindergartner than when we left her this morning!

So, if you're not bored to tears yet, here's what I learned (and thanks for sticking with me if you have): By 8:50 this morning I had decided there was no way I could possibly share this. It was embarassingly dull. By 10:00, I realized that I named my blog Out on a Limb for a reason, to do just that and force myself out of my comfort zone.  Many of my days are this uneventful. Many are crazy, but both are what they are by choice.  I took a big risk when I gave up my teaching career two years ago. Sharing my day today is nothing in comparison. Some days I miss that grown-up world, but all too soon I will be working again in some capacity and will probably miss these very simple days a whole lot more. Thanks to Kim at What am I Going to be when I Grow Up for introducing me to this challenge!

I hope your day was pretty uneventful ; )


  1. I think it's awesome and you went out of your comfort zone to do this. Good for you! Ah, time to yourself is a must and early morning is always nice. A fellow local blogger friend just did a 5-minute makeup post. It was really good and she does a lot of posts about Mom's and gets me motivated. I can send you her link if you're interested.

  2. Some of the pictures won't show up for me, boo! I try to get up with time for myself too, maybe I need to get up earlier, this week I haven't seemed to be susie sunshine.
    I like the everyday stuff, I just blogged about it today, it must be one of those days for me.

  3. Erin, I applaud your "sensible risk-taking"-- stepping out of your comfort zone to try something new to you. I'd say that in itself qualifies for a "more than ordinary day!" Just great! :)

    1. Thanks, Anne! I really appreciate your kind words. Have a great weekend.

  4. Hi! I still don't have a grasp on this 10 on 10 thing but it looks pretty cool. I'm glad you stumbled on my site as now, I'm glad I'm on yours :)

    1. Me, too, Marina. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

  5. ahhhh~thanks for the linky love! So glad you joined in. It's such a fun challenge. And like you...most of my days are very mundane, but in the end, having them captured like this is so nice to look back on. I am amazed at how much younger my girls look in photos only taken 6 months prior.

    Love your self portrait. :) You have gorgeous skin!

    1. You're too kind, Kim! It really was kind of fun and interesting to pay that much attention to my day. I know what you mean about looking back at the kids' photos, too. They love to look at pictures on my phone which I only got in July. It's wild to see how they've already, noticeably changed. Time just flies.

  6. I am so SAD!! I started this today and lost it after 11:30!!!! I will have to start again!!! :(

  7. I found it much more challenging than I expected, Randee! Good luck. Looking forward to seeing what you shoot!