Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my dad:

The man whose quiet strength I admire,
who gave me his humor, his work ethic, 
his laid back personality and most of all, 
his unwavering love and support.

When I think of my dad, I think of airplane
rides and Groom and Clean, long summer afternoons
spent in a pool that he vacuumed and treated more than 
he ever enjoyed. 

I remember bagpipe nights at the Hibernian Hall and the countless
summer road trips he endured with lots of fighting in the backseat.

I remember the secret money he used to sneak me when I was away
at college and the time he took me out when I was heartbroken and lovesick.

I remember the first time I knew that my dad and future husband really hit it off.
My dad set the tone for what to expect in a man and it's because of this, that I'm married
to an equally great one.

Happy Father's Day to my husband:

The man whose strength bolsters us,
whose humor keeps us laughing, whose work ethic is a model for our children
and whose unwavering love and support will  guide them for the rest of their

We are incredibly lucky to have these two men in our lives and even luckier
that they are friends.

Happy Father's Day.


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