Karma and a Lazy Boy...

We had a great Father's Day weekend around here with two small exceptions: 
Neve spiked a fever in the middle of the Father's Day, BBQ/Pig Roast/German Fest we attended 
(she seems to be on the mend) and Todd won a Lazy Boy at said BBQ/Pig Roast/German Fest.  

It's probably my fault since I told the man who let us in to keep the raffle ticket since it would be "Over my dead body that we bring home a big fat recliner." 
My fighting words might have led to my karma.

I know I should be happy for his Grand Prize win and really I am, (or at least I'm trying) but I can't seem to get past my Lazy-boy snobbery. 

When I think of a recliner I think of these:
Martin Crane's Recliner - FRASIER
(not that there's anything wrong with them, especially if you own one)
muddy colors, dated, itchy upholstery and bulky shapes. 
I know they're incredibly comfortable. 
I slept on one for a week when I had sinus surgery ten years ago. 
Somehow though, they just don't seem fit into my aesthetic. 
See. Lazy-boy snobbery. 

I'm not proud.

In an effort to kick this ugly trait of mine, I turned to Google. 
Surely in this day and age there must be something out there to marry both form and function.(aka please both husband and wife)  If not, this could be a teachable moment for me in the art of  compromise and designing for the sexes.

Or, I could just end up living with an ugly chair.

Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised with what my search turned up:
all three chairs via  http://www.la-z-boy.com/
Boy has the classic recliner come a long way. 

Although I would never have sought these chairs out, they're really nice and disguise that whole recliner thing seamlessly.  I would definitely consider them and keep them in mind when someday I have clients who want an "attractive" recliner.  But, the choice is not really for me to consider.

Since I usually have carte blanche when it comes to the decorating decisions around here, I think I have to let this one go and trust that Todd's good taste will prevail. His trophy from last year's fishing tournament has grown on me and really, how often does a guy win a grand prize and a free new piece of furniture?

Perhaps his taste in chairs will be equal to his taste in women ; )

What items of your mate's gives you the willies?


  1. How funny! I've been so anti-recliner, but I have seen a few that really aren't that bad. And if my honey wants a recliner, I'll let him have a recliner (I think). Thankfully my husband isn't asking for one right now - that could change. You can get a cute pillow or side table to disguise it if need be.

  2. Do you really get to chose? pretty good deal...they have come a long way, and truth is - good for your back too. my daughter has 2 ... and of course, they are very popular with the guys.
    of course, i'm not saying i'd have one in my house. KIDDING !!!
    enjoy !

  3. Found you through West Pear. Too funny! That's actually a great win!! Lazy Boy has come a long way. I have a bit of a mental block with them, too, though.

  4. Do you get to choose? They actually have some nice, not-terribly-offensive stuff these days. A while back Todd Oldham had a nice modern line with them. And there are a gazillion upholstery options. (We had one for a while a few years ago, before the kids destroyed it.)

  5. I really love recliners. It's hard to express how much I love recliners. I was so excited when I went to Father's Day at Plattdeutsch and was given a free ticket for the lottery for the recliner. I was even more exicted when Todd told me that he had no space or fashion leeway for a new recliner. He told me that if he won the recliner he would give it to me. When he won, he was so happy. I just sat there, dejected. I guess I'll never enjoy the comforts of a home recliner. I hope Todd enjoys his recliner. I hope he lets me sit on my chair when I go to his house.

    Joe B

    1. Laughing. my.arse. off Joe. This is an interesting turn of events that I was not privy to. As far as I'm concerned, it's yours, or at the very least,reserved for you at your whim. I wonder if Todd has convenient amnesia??