Each year I get my kids to start thinking about what they'd like to be for Halloween around August, so I can start thinking of how to make their costumes. I am no seamstress and I know my limitations.  My costumes are usually limited to things made out of sweatsuits or ready made clothes with my own embellishments (i.e. lots of felt and hot glue).

Halloween 2007

my favorite costumes to date, completely born from Neve's imagination...
Eamon's first encounter with lollipops (and lots of them!)

The Woody costume and hats were hand-me-downs from my niece and nephew. 
All I did for Woody was add a belt buckle and pull string. 
The Jesse costume was homemade.

Last night though, while trying to make Neve a Spider Girl costume, I cried Uncle. She has this thing about not wearing itchy clothes. I can't say I blame her. She took one look at the Spider Girl costume we saw in a catalog and asked me to make hers.  Apparently, I created a monster.  As much as I enjoy making their costumes, I knew that this one would test me.
After three nights of trying to work with what I had, a trip to Michael's and waning patience, I threw in the towel and ordered one online. Once I assured her that she could wear a tee-shirt underneath to cure any itchiness, she was on board and excited to boot. I will cover her rainboots with black fabric and call it a day.

While most of me feels relieved, a  part of me feels defeated, not by my limitations, but by the subtle reminder that I am crossing into big-kid land a little more each day. I'm proud of her growth and independence and don't want to be the mom who needs to be needed, but this  one is giving me pause: making her costume is just another thing she doesn't need me to do for her. Ouch.

I guess it's a lesson in letting go and enjoying the ride. As she matures, my role keeps evolving and shifting, which is probably not such a bad thing.

On Halloween, she will be thrilled and smiling in her Spider Girl costume, regardless of where it came from, and I will be happy because she is.

Have you cried Uncle lately?


  1. Oh do I remember the days of the Halloween costumes! We would start planning early also, but I admit that my sister, a champion seamstress and knitter, would always help. That being said, I think my favorite was the year we put an upside down flower pot on her head and black clothing and she went as DEVO. My saddest Halloween transition was when I could no longer go trick or treating with her. Now she sits on her apartment stoop and gives out her own candy. :(

  2. First of all, kudos to you for some very awesome homemade costumes! You should be very proud. I am still chuckling over Woody and Jesse's pull strings! I have only made a few costumes for my kids, mostly when they were younger, so it surprised me when my 11 year old daughter asked me to make hers this year. I am in the process and her school party is next Tuesday, so I am in the crunch zone. We all cry "Uncle" once in a while, and I am slowly learning there is no shame in that. Halloween will come and go, and that store bought costume will be a distant memory, but your kids will know that you were fully present for them all the time, and that will never be forgotten.