Bathroom facelift and indecision

There's no question that Pinterest is my guilty pleasure. 
It's an insane amount of eye candy and food for thought. 
Constant thought. 
There are endless images and ideas for every project
I have in mind but so many, that I am getting
confused and indecisive.

We're about to update our main bathroom. 
It's a tiny space adjacent to our living room and just 
across the hall from our bedroom, so it sees a lot of traffic. 
This is a fairly small update. There's no budget for a new 
floor, wall tile or shower, but all the functional parts of 
the bathroom will get modest replacements.  

Here's our bathroom now, which has been mostly 
untouched since we moved in eight years ago.
Embarrassingly, this light fixture has been
on my "to replace" list for years.

My foray into sponge painting. I did this to avoid sanding
a pretty marred plaster wall.

Our house was flipped before we bought it, so it's no
surprise that I found this same vanity for $39.99 at Home
Depot when I was shopping the other day.
Like my classy hair band as child lock?

And here's what I'm thinking of for the facelift: Option A
Ambitious me is so drawn to this stenciled hallway and its palette. 
I'd love to paint this on the wall next to the bathroom which we see 
from our couch and maybe stencil a smaller pattern in
the bathroom itself.

like this:
baths, two powder baths with graphic wallpaper
or this:
stencil it

Indecisive me is also thinking about something like this: Option B
Wilmington Multi blue, CalicoCorners.com

Metro Living Tile Leaf
P.Kaufman's Metro 
Living Tile in Leaf, 

I'd love to use a little of these two fabrics to create a simple valance to
top our bamboo roman blinds. I'd pull the grey-blue color from
the Wilmington fabric for the walls, like this gorgeous bathroom
below from Cyndy at The Creativity Exchange.

wall color

But then again, I like this set-up too: Option C

bath facelift
clockwise, l-r  light fixture: shadesoflight.com,
green bath: Pinterest, shower curtain: Pinterest
(I think it was Kate Spade's bathroom),
fabric: navy slick indoor-outdoor, fabric.com,
vanity and medicine cabinet: Lowe's.com

See. Indecisive. 
I know. It's not becoming.
I do understand that the fact that I put this much thought

(and then some) into a tiny bathroom might  make me 
come off as a little crazy.
This is where you come in, my friends.
Which option would you choose? I think I know what I'm leaning 

towards, but would love another set of eyes (or many).

Thanks for your help!



  1. I love that stencil. I think I would go for option 2 though, because the bathroom is a smaller bathroom. But then it is hard to know with pictures. I think 2 would open up the space as much as possible.
    I love that pinterest exists, I find it such a time suck and it makes me want to change things in my house, which isn't always so good.

  2. I LOVE option 1...the stencils are beautiful! I am always thinking ahead to "what if" I don't like it...with stenciling you can paint over; with wallpaper, much harder to undo. Now you've got me thinking about my nondescript powder room! ;) I look forward to seeing your choice and results! :)

    1. I almost bought wallpaper Anne. It was beautiful. But I know myself, and my tolerance for serious tedium. I've never wallpapered before and thought I really could manage it, but know that with any kind of pattern, I might be ready for a change down the line. So much easier to repaint than to take down wallpaper!

  3. I really like option A. Those stencils would look incredible! Of course, it would be a lot more work too :). Also, I saw you were from Adare? I was in that area on vacation several years back and it quickly became one of my favorite places in the world! Beautiful!!

    1. Thanks for your feedback Elizabeth! I love Adare. While I'm not from there (I'm from Long Island, NY), I lived in Galway during my senior year in college and was lucky enough to get engaged in Adare. It will always hold a special place in my heart. It's just beautiful.

  4. I think I might go with Option 1. I like the idea of doing a great stencil with high impact and then keeping your fixtures, lighting, cabinetry simple and having some fun with the accessories. If you go with that Wilmington fabric, a nice paint option might be BM Feather Grey. We have it in our bathroom. It's more blue than grey but it's a nice color. And that's why we're here to let you know that you're not crazy at all (we're all crazy- ha!) and that you can get instant feedback! have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks for the awesome feedback, Holly! I will definitely check out Feather Grey. I'm picking up samples this weekend, so I'll add it to my list.

      Crazy is a relative term, right? Instant feedback and like-minded people are the great things about the blogosphere!

      Enjoy your weekend.

  5. I think you could stencil and then add the covington as a window treatment! The room is small enough it would be easy enough and have a huge impact!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Tiffany! That's what I'm leaning towards and I can't wait to see how it all comes together.

      Have a great weekend!

  6. I think the first option work best in a larger bathroom. I like option B, because is more fun :)

  7. Looks like option A is the winner! I love both, but am especially drawn to A. Certainly the fact that this is not a huge bathroom makes a stenciling project far less daunting! Can't wait to see where this goes!